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Where And How To Hide During A Home Invasion Or Looting

Intruder uses a crowbar in breaking into your homeA home invasion is a very terrifying and real concept. Hundreds of thousands of families in North America are victims of looting during a regular year, however in the case of a disaster this becomes almost commonplace. People raid businesses, stores, homes and all types of different avenues in order to gather the supplies they need. There is no remorse in these types of situations, as panic has washed over the minds of many people who were not prepared in the case of a natural disaster. If you are confronted with this situation, do not try and approach the looters as they may attack you or your family. Your best offense is a good defense, and a hiding spot where the whole family can gather together in safety is very important. Having a discussion about the possibility of looting with your family during a disaster is also very important. Here are a few ways that you can ensure the safety of your family by finding a safe place to hide during a home invasion.

Find A Place Down Low That Looters Will Not Feel Obligated To Go

Once you’ve realized that people are going to attempt breaking into your house, gather the family all together and move to an area preferably in the basement. Hopefully your basement will still be functional and you’ll be able to move around in the dark. A furnace or boiler room, under the stairs or in a small cubby is ideal. Make sure the children and seniors are hidden firsts, and the adults can hide somewhere else if there is no more room. Even though you should not approach the looters directly, it is advised to bring some sort of physical weapon with you in the case that you are found and confronted with a weapon yourself. For the most part, looters are simply there to try and take your supplies – so ensure that everyone in your family is very quiet and abides by your every move.

If You Sense Looters Are Breaking In, Gather Only Your Most Needed Supplies

You cannot part with things like medical supplies and prescribed medication for your loved ones. Have them in an easy access location that you can simply gather up and take with you. Even if you need to ensure the safety of your family, there will be nothing you can do after they take all of your medical supplies in the case of an emergency. This is why it’s always advised to have two separate stockpiles of food – one that your family readily uses out ion the open and one that can be tucked away and hidden in a place only you would think of looking. Behind a panel in the wall or tucked away under bins of old family clothes or possessions will be great places to consider. In the end, these types of situations are all about finding a space for your family.

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Teothwawki – How to Prepare

teothwawki suppliesTeothwawki (the End of the World as we Know It) may very well be inevitable. Whether the end of the world comes in ten days or ten decades, there will only be two kinds of people when it comes down to it: those who have prepared, and those who have not. Ultimately, the people who have prepared will definitely be better off.

First of all, what’s going to cause the end of the world? There are actually a variety of different scenarios that could play out: a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, a grid down situation, a famine, a drought, or who knows, possibly even a zombie apocalypse.

Regardless of the scenario, it’s important that you are preparing to provide for both you and your family if the worse comes to worse. You don’t have to go all crazy and dedicate the rest of your life to prepping like people do on shows like “Doomsday Preppers,” but you can still set aside some basic materials and supplies.

Bug Out Bag

A Bug Out Bag is a pre-packed, easy to grab and carry bag (like a backpack) filled with survival gear to grab if you need to bug out of your home. At the very minimum, your bug out bag should have at least three different ways to start fire, water bottles and a water filter or purification tablets, a good knife, a handsaw, a first aid kit, an emergency space blanket, a tarp, a poncho, a map of the surrounding area, and a spare change of clothes.


You’ll need weapons for security, and you have to know how to use them. You don’t have to go all out and build an arsenal of high powered weapons, but you should at least have some means to defend yourself and your family.

There are three guns at the minimum you’ll want: a good rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun. A rifle allows you to shoot at long range distances and is very handy for taking down game. Popular options with survivalists are military-style AR-15 rifles (which are actually very versatile weapons), but many people who may be intimidated at the thought of having an automatic weapon in their home select bolt-action hunting rifles chambered for popular calibers like .308 and .30-06 instead. Your shotgun should be a 12 or 20-gauge pump action, as pump actions can reliably feed nearly any kind of shells. As for your handgun, the 9mm should be your default caliber. The 9mm is plentiful, popular and very affordable to shoot. Be sure to have enough ammo stored away for each weapon, and take the time to practice with each weapon on the range.

You’ll also need a good, fixed-blade knife for a variety of reasons, a hatchet, and a machete.

Food and Water

Storing away food and water is essential: you should have actual food and water stored away as well as the ability to get more of it you need to. The best foods to store are canned food and rice as they have a long shelf life and are also cheap to stock up on. You may also want to consider taking up gardening to grow food of your own, as well as having the ability to hunt game if it comes down to it.

Storing large quantities of water is also important, but water doesn’t have an indefinite shelf life. Store all of your water in a cool, dark location in both large containers and small water bottles for easy versatility. Divide your water into cleaning water and drinking water, and alternate the containers and bottles out every six months to a year.backpack for the wilderness


In a true Teothwawki situation, gasoline will be scarce to come by. Do yourself a favor and set aside some gasoline in red cans. As a good rule of thumb, fifteen gallons of gasoline will last you for a week if you use it only when necessary (for cars, ATVs, and generators), so think about how long you want to be prepping for.

Don’t forget as well that you need a plan. In a Teothwawki, everything will be chaotic. Figure out if it’s best to stay in your home or bug out to another location, if you can join up with friends and family, and set aside the same above supplies not only in your home, but in other locations as well.взлом mail ru без программраскрутка ссылкикредит на бизнес с нуля втб 24gratis bingo 50 krescort agencies dubaicasino bedava oyunlarEmpire casinoтур бали майфитнес клуб перервенский бульваркредитная карта дельта банка оформить онлайнкредитная карта мужская картакредитные карты с доставкой по почтеэкспресс займы онлайн на карту сбербанказаявление на получение кредита бланкденьги в долг под проценты и распискуотдых в мае греци¤ погодаspanish to translateавстрия харькованекс путевка испания

Storing Water for Emergencies

Having plenty of water stored for emergency purposes is a practical and useful thing to do for many reasons. There are different ways to accomplish this which will ensure that you not only have plenty of water, but that it is safe to drink. Some ideas to store water for emergencies are purchasing water containers which are specifically designed for storage, using containers you already have on hand, or purchasing bottled water. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want the water to be safe for consumption if the time comes that you need to use it.
There are multiple options available when searching for a container that is specifically designed for long-term water storage. One of these options is the Waterbob, which is a heavy-duty plastic container that comes with a FDA food-grade plastic bag and a siphon pump for dispensing. The Waterbob holds up to 100 gallons of water and is easily filled by placing it in your bathtub. You can also buy 55 gallon water barrels made of food-grade plastic. These water barrels are easily stored and will keep the water fresh for long periods.
An appealing option for many people when it comes to choosing a container for long-term water storage, is to use plastic containers that are readily available within the household. Others choose to buy these containers at their local grocery store and empty out the contents in order to replace it with water. These containers consist of either two-liter or gallon size containers and should be thoroughly washed and rinsed before use. For best safety, it is recommended to sanitize them with a bleach-water solution as well. It is not a good idea to use milk jugs, or old fruit juice bottles due to the possible bacteria which cannot be completely removed from those containers. The bacteria could grow and contaminate the stored water, which would make it unsafe to drink.
Another thing to consider when thinking of ideas to store water for emergencies is to consider purchasing bottled water. When choosing this option, it is important to frequently check the expiration dates on the bottles. To increase shelf-life on these bottles, you will need to group the containers together and cover with dark plastic bags. The water should never be stored on hot cement and should always be stored in a cool, dark place. Visit for more information about safely storing water for emergencies.

Storing water in your basement is an attractive option for many people. 

Having plenty of different ideas to store water for emergencies is the best way to make sure that if you need to use the water, you have what you need in the safest way possible. Choosing multiple types of containers is one way to achieve this goal. Having more than one way to store the water is also a good way to ensure that you will have what you need, should you find yourself in an emergency.программа для взлома паролей wifi androidсоздание сайта ценакредит на открытие бизнеса ярославльcasino film gratis onlineelite dubai escortscasino slot oyunlar888 casino loginв танзании в июлефитнес люблиноденьги в долг до 1000000кредит экспресс банк ростов на донугора килиманджаро туризмкредит на открытие бизнеса альфа банктуры восхождение килиманджаро сафариденьги в долг ярославль прямо сейчаскредитка дельта банк условияIbiza escortsдизайнерские товары для домаоболонский суд киев

How To Find The Best Medical Kit For A Disaster

A disaster can lead to all kinds of unpredicted complications with both you and your family. Although the idea may seem a bit silly and frivolous at first, it’s important to remember that no matter where you live – having an effective and stoked first-aid kit is essential. Because you will not always have access to the hospital or doctors, you need to have these supplies ready and know how to administer them in the case of an emergency situation. Finding the right first-aid kit for your family is easy, but first there are many things you need to consider about the individual traits of everyone in your home. Then you’ll be able to accurately assess the needs of everyone and make a judgment on which kit is the best to buy.

What To Look For In A Kit

A first-aid kit that is stocked with all types of bandages is absolutely essential. Tensor bandages, small and long bandages, gauze and many other first-aid essentials are important in the case that someone becomes bumped or scraped. Even if it a small scrape from debris, infections can spread quickly and without warning. Having the proper anti-biotic creams is also important. Just like you would administer a band aid and cream to someone with a cut in normal circumstances, remind them to stay calm and put pressure on the wound if it’s bleeding extensively. Kits that have specialty bandages such as eye patches or knee patches can also be valuable parts of any emergency disaster kit. By finding a kit with a variety of different bandages, you’ll be able to have a selection for varying cases of injury.

Medicine And Ointments


Anti-biotic, painkillers and alcohol cleaning solutions are three other essentials that come with any larger first-aid kit. By having a wide array of anti biotic and painkiller medications, you’ll be able to respond to a wide variety of medical urgencies. Alcohol is also a great way to clean wounds and help prevent the spread of infection. Unlike anti biotic creams (such as Polysporin,) alcohol will clean out the wound completely. Although it may hurt quite a bit, it will be worth it to prevent infection down the road.

Finding A Good Manual For Your Kit

One piece of information that many people forget to consider when they purchase their first-aid disaster kit is an administration booklet. Any good first-aid kit will have one, and it will show you how to respond to varying circumstances where different kinds of first-aid need to be administered. It will also tell you exactly when to find outside help and where to get it in the case of a disaster. This one simple book could make the difference between a life saved or not. Even If you don’t have first-aid training, reading through this manual and following up on the advice it gives for self teaching will help you prepare yourself in the face of a disastrous situation. Find a kit that includes all of these components and you’ll be ensure safety for everyone.программа для взлома wifi на телефонakvalooвзять кредит или кредитную карту без справокgioco bingo gratis on linenew york vip escortmerit park girneFruit machine onlineпутешествие по африке altezza travelстеп братевовосхождение килиманджаро сафарикредитная карта 45 днейкредитная карта номер 1 дельта банктуры на кипр в маекомпани¤ май турсрочно нужны деньги в долг 5000египетcaricature painterтуры на кипр в августе 2016путевки на гоа в феврале 2016

Personal Defense for Preppers

The turbulent weather, economic hardship, and political issues seen all around us are some of the reasons behind the growing concern of many that they will have to defend themselves from wrongdoing. The best thing, if you are preparing for the worst, is being ready. Safety from bodily harm or death is the top priority. In order to protect yourself you will need to have some personal defense ideas for preppers that you can rely on. Some ideas to think about are brain power, physical fitness, and obtaining weapons.

First and foremost, using your brain is one of the most powerful weapons that you have in order to protect yourself. Often, when faced with a scary or stressful situation, our brains go completely out the window. This is a natural reaction, but with practice, we can learn to not fall into those mind traps. You will need to practice imagining yourself in certain situations and make a plan now of how you will react. Practicing with a loved one will also be a big help. With that in mind, you do want to make sure that you are not being too trusting of people around you. Unless it is someone very close to you, prepare yourself for the possibility that you may have to keep some people at bay.
Another very important weapon we all have is our bodies. Keeping your body in its best physical shape is a very powerful tool. If our muscles are weak, or we carry around excess baggage, we are not adequately equipped to handle an attacker if they should approach us. Assuming you have strong muscles and are not carrying around excess fat, you still need to make sure that your cardiovascular system is in tip-top shape. You need to be able to outrun a dangerous animal or even another person if necessary. One of the biggest hindrances to people when running is that they do not have a strong cardiovascular system.
Weapons are usually at the forefront of personal defense ideas for preppers due to the nature of what you are prepping for. There are many useful weapons that are not so scary such as mace, stun guns, police batons, baseball bats, and even scissors. You never know when a pair of scissors could be a real threat to an attacker. Some of the seemingly scary weapons include shot guns, hand guns, knives, and even a bow and arrow. Although these weapons seem scary and should be reserved as a last resort, with the proper training and handling, these weapons are no more dangerous than the others.

Personal defense is a big issue when planning and preparing for a disaster of any kind. Having many different tools for defending yourself is the best way to prepare. By using your brain power, maintaining a high level of physical fitness, and carrying the proper weapons you are equipped to keep yourself safe. Often times, just having the weapons is enough to keep danger away.как стать хакером с нуля видео урокинаполнение контентом сайтаденьги в кредит в нижнем новгородеtragamonedas gratis free slotsla vip escortsbedava casino slotbeste-onlinecasinos.comботинки для восхождения на килиманджаротанцы марьинотуры в танзанию ценыалтеза тревелпарк килиманджарозаявление на получение кредита образецденьги в долг студентамзаявка на получение кредита в сбербанке бланкденьги в долг гражданам снг в москвеwedding caricaturistсессия харьковского городского советаст 190

How To Get Your Pet Ready For When Disaster Strikes

When a disaster strikes in your home, it’s impossible to gauge how your pet will react. Depending on the type of emergency or disaster, it’s very likely that your pet will have a basic instinct to hide in unusual places or flee the home in order to find more safe and suitable coverage. In any type of emergency, make sure to keep your pet close and leashed in order to ensure both their safety and their lives. Remembering to always microchip your pet and have them contain relevant and current information about you, where you live and who to contact if found is also very important. A pet may be by your side one moment in a case of a disaster, but the next they could be fleeing for their lives. Know your pet’s common hiding places as well; despite their desire to flee and find something more safe, it could be more than likely that they’re just hiding someplace they’ve always felt is comfortable and secure. Keeping them feeling safe and close is important in maintaining control of the situation. Making sure you have current photos of your pet will help you spread the world and have other people identify them more clearly in the case they do go missing.

Things To Make Sure Your Pet Has


Buy your pet a flashing or glowing collar that is easily noticeable in the darkness. If you don’t feel like having them wear it every day, make sure it is in a memorable and accessible place in case of an emergency. Even outside of an emergency, it’s always important to have your pets immunized and up-to-date on all their current shots and vaccinations. This will prevent the spread of disease or the likelihood that wounds can become infected in the case of an injury.

Preparing Two Emergency Kits

Prepare an emergency safety kit for both your family and your pet in two separate containers. In this kit, you should include any medication your pet is taking and specialized pet first aid supplies. Make sure you’re aware of common practices and methods for administering first aid to your pet in the case of an emergency, because a vet may not be readily available. Also packing away one of their favourite toys or blankets can help ease their minds if they are forced to relocate to somewhere unfamiliar or foreign. Make sure to have at least a week’s worth of backup food supplies and water stored away in a dry, accessible place as well. Safety leashes, dishes for eating and drinking, and a can opener for foods that are inside of cans are also very important to anybody’s emergency pet kit. A harness and leash can also help in a situation where your pet becomes very uneasy or unstable in a cramped environment. Making sure a crate or cage that will fit them is also available will give them space of their own and help ease your worried mind in the case of a disaster.взлом майл ру онлайнчехол для iphone 5 купитькредитные карты почтой без справокdescargar juegos de casino tragamonedas gratis en espanolhigh priced hookersbedava casino oyunuhttp://beste-onlinecasinos.comкак пройти акклиматизацию в горахвысокий радиаторзаявление на получение потребительского кредита в сбербанкекредит для открытия малого бизнеса альфа банкотдых в хорватии в маедельта банк кредитная карта 1 эволюциятур сафари танзании сайттанзани¤ ценыденьги в долг до зарплаты срочно гомельцены на раскруткупутевки в египет корал тревелтовары для дома интернет

How To Find The Best Year Round Survival Shelter And What To Look For

Survival shelters are an important part of any family’s life. Not because they are used on a daily basis, but disaster can strike anywhere and without warning. Unless you’re already living in your disaster shelter, then you know that it’s essential to buy one that stands up to all sorts of weather extremities. Withstanding earthquakes, floods, tornados and other natural disasters are very important features for any survival shelter. To find the best one, you must first consider the size and needs of your family, then move on to the types of disaster situations you may be likely to face in your community. By having a good idea surrounding both these different aspects, you’ll be able to find a survival shelter that works for you and your family that will keep you safe.

Don’t Go Cheap Just Because It May Seem Like A Great Deal

You always want to invest in the top of the line, safest model when it comes to survival shelters. Because there is so much doubt surrounding what will withstand and what will not, you don’t want to be searching for deals. If your area is prone to disaster like events, then you have to be ready to make an investment to protect your family. If you’re still unsure of a shelter even though it’s the best one on the market, make sure you talk with previous owners – finding them through online reviews or asking them company themselves to provide a list of people who already own it. That way you’ll be able to get another persons opinion on a shelter and decide whether or not it is for your family.

Try And Find A Shelter With Beds And Food Storage

Finding a shelter with beds for everyone in your family and food storage are two very essential parts of choosing any shelter. If there is plenty of room for water and food to be stored safely, then you’ll be able to keep your supplies in the shelter even when you’re not present.

How Safe And Structurally Sound Is The Shelter You Are Looking To Buy

You can get specific details from the retail sellers of the structure, but compare the specs to the average types of disasters you may find in your area. If you’re in the path of a tornado and that can reach up to a certain speed per hour, what kind of wind speeds can the shelter withstand. Talk with the sellers and try to find out any of the additional perks that come with choosing a more pricey shelter over another – are there added safety features that don’t come with a cheaper model, what can the new one offer you, etc. In order to find the shelter that best fits the needs of both you and your family, there are so many different options you need to consider before you can make a clear and informed decision.взлом пароля одноклассники без программсумка для macbookкредиты для малого бизнеса без залогаjuegos de casino gratis para descargar a pcarab escortroyal meritladbrokes slotsтуры на майские грециярадиаторы отопления дизайнерские ценапоход в килиманджаротанзани¤ озеро натрональфа банк кредитная карта за один деньцены сафари в африкеотдых в танзании в сезон дождейвосхождение на килиманджаро сафари занзибарзаказать кредитную карту дельта банка онлайнуслуги адвоката ценакупить кастрюлюсайт генерального консульства польши в харькове

The Prepper’s Guide to Hiding Your Gold and Silver

In today’s economy it has become increasingly important for people to protect themselves from potential destruction. A commodity, which could easily be lost if a disaster occurs, is financial security. One of the ways to protect yourself from this loss is to begin hiding your gold and silver the prepper way. When considering the different options for storing your valuables, keep in mind that entities such as safe deposit boxes are not insured by the bank, but they are subject to the regulations that banks are subject to. Instead, it is best to find a secure place where only you and a few of your closest friends or family members are aware of.
One of the best ways to begin hiding your gold and silver is to look around for used appliances which can be modified and used as secret storage for your valuables. Hollowing out a household dryer and using it to cover a safe, for example, is one way to do this. Be sure to secure the door so that it will not open. Filing cabinets, counters, unused furnaces, hollowed-out air conditioning units, and even freezers can all be used as effective hiding spots. Be sure that the appliances are placed in a way that does not look odd or conspicuous. The goal in using these appliances is to make it seem that you are using them in an ordinary way.
Hides and survival caches are another great way to hide your gold and silver the prepper way. Hides are containers that can be buried in underground locations near your bug-out retreat. A bug-out retreat is a hidden homestead which is easily defended during chaos or a breakout of violence. Caches are storage for items you will not need for months, or even several years. These caches are built from common items, such as hard cases and PVC pipe, which are easily obtained at any hardware store. Pre-built survival caches can also be purchased.
Sinking your gold and silver in the bottom of a koi pond, hiding it under floors or buildings, storing behind walls or in old chimneys are also great ways to protect your gold and silver. Additional fixtures in your home such as hanging lights and even faux rocks are useful tools when hiding your gold and silver. Metal filing cabinets and even trundle beds are effective methods for hiding these items as well.
Hiding your gold and silver the prepper way takes a little planning and thought, but it can definitely be achieved without a great deal of extra cost. Most effective hiding spots are easily found or created within or around your home. Creativity in locating and putting together these secret spots are the key to securing your finances during a disaster. The most important thing to keep in mind is that whichever of these options you choose to protect your monetary security, your gold and silver is only truly safe if the chosen site is kept secret.взломать почтовый ящик онлайнадминистрирование сайта цена украинамоментальный кредит с плохой кредитной историейcasino online play for funexclusive escort dubaicasino oyunlar? indirCasino bonus 2отдых в танзании ценыбиметаллическиебизнес дать деньги в долгчек на получение денег в банке скачатьденьги в долг до 1000000 ввосхождение на килиманджаро карта маршрутабизнес план для получения кредита в россельхозбанкефизическа¤ подготовка перед восхождениемкупить тур танзани¤ ценаpicnic sketch in new yorkсковорода чугуннедорогие туры в черногорию 2015